Healthy Foods Make for a Good Mood


Maybe you have never noticed the connection between your food and your mood. Notice it! When you put junk in your body early in the morning, you will tend to have a shitty day. Try an experiment for one week. Grab some organic eggs and try to cut down on the coffee. Put a bit of color in your eggs, delicious red tomato, and some green peppers. You will get a surge of energy if you are used to grabbing a Grande White Chocolate Mocha every morning and then crashing two hours later. The energy from protein, either vegan or animal, in the morning will sustain you. Be kind to yourself. Make this a priority.

How do I know this information??

I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and knew it was for me. Joshua Rosenthal provides both nutrition education and coaching training. As you will come to know, I spare now expense when it comes self-care and health. However, with the majority of the lessons taking place on an FB Group, it was not terribly expensive, and I took my health journey to the next level.

I am a HUGE Kris Carr fan of the Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook series. Yes, I spent the money for this blender to make her amazing soups and smoothies. You may shortly too. Or…stop by the local organic grocer and grab a green juice on a break at work. You will literally feel it pumping through your body and your body will be Jazzed!

When going through a storm of any type in life, do you want to be running on McDonald’s or a delicious afternoon shake from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Keep It Simple?  Do you think soldiers each crappy food and then go out to keep our country safe? (I’m going to check on this.)

For more info on IIN and their guest teachers including Deepak Chopra, Gabby Bernstein, Ariana Huffington, Mark Hyman & even Alicia Silverstone talking about her book The Kind Life.

For more information about IIN, Please follow this link right here!

XO Jenny

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