brunette-standingI hear self-care over and over, but I was thinking about self-kindness today.  As the weather is turning brutally cold and we want to care for ourselves and our families. Self-kindness is how I continue to thrive after a long battle. With little family and young Sydney and Johnny to depend on me for everything, I had no choice but to be responsible for my food choices and health. But going further, so that my mood was good and they were proud to call the lovely lady mom I did and still do the following:

  • Make a fire and sit on the rug with your children or pets
  • Buy the best damn PJ’s you can find
  • Eat foods that will warm you from the inside out, Parsnip Soup
  • Get enough rest i.e. 7 hours minimum
  • Think positive thoughts, avoid naysayers
  • Manifest abundance, think free fun until in shows up
  • Dress up each day, meaning wear one thing at least that makes you smile
  • Laugh at everything

Design a life you love!

 XO Jenny

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