About Jennifer


I’m Jenny Britt, the Gold Coast Coach. No not the beautiful Australian coastline, but the Great Gatsby variety, also gorgeous. I live in an area where divorce is rampant, and I see women(and men) get raked over the coals on a daily basis.

It kills me to see this happen because I know how to help.

I have over 15 years experience, through both my divorce and coaching clients: clients who are either considering divorce or in the process of divorcing. It’s what I love to do and have done it for years for free.

I can help you win a new life because I have $200,000 worth of experience, from four high-end attorneys. The best.
I essentially have a Ph.D. in all things divorce, custody, and separation.

I have spent the over 15 years in Family Court, Supreme Court, the Appellate Court, seen 7 judges, 2 law guardians, specialized custody psychologists, supervised visitation settings(both the fancy Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson type and the Get Lice in the dangerous neighborhood type), and I want to share my knowledge with you.

It brings me joy to help, and I know it is my life’s purpose. For this reason, I have two books going through the publishing process at the moment. The Healthy Divorce: Survive + Thrive & The ABCs of Divorce-my aim is to be of service to as many people as possible!

Let me make this process simpler. Less stress. More positivity.